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Barbados to build new slavery museum after severing ties with Britain

Celebrated architect David Adjaye is to design a major new heritage site in Barbados, the country's prime minister has announced. The new site on the Caribbean island will lie next to a burial ground where the bodies of 570 West African victims of British transatlantic slavery were discovered.

09th, December 2021, g:i PM

UN suspends food distribution in two towns in Ethiopia after looting

The World Food Programme (WFP) has suspended food distribution in Ethiopia's Kombolcha and Dessie towns after looting of supplies that staff were unable to stop due to intimidation, including being held at gunpoint, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

09th, December 2021, g:i AM

Should Omicron change your holiday party plans? An expert weighs in

The new Omicron variant has been spreading rapidly throughout South Africa, and it has now reached numerous locations around the United States. Preliminary data indicate that the vaccines may not be as protective against this newest coronavirus variant as they were against previous variants, though a booster dose appears to increase protection.

09th, December 2021, g:i AM

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