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Surreal photos show cosplay fans in suburbia

In Thurstan Redding's photography series "Kids of Cosplay," the mundane and the fantastical collide in unexpected ways. Spiderman stares pensively into the middle distance as he grabs milk from a fridge. A group of Batmen cavort outside a small brick bungalow. X-men's Mystique lays across the street beneath an orange sky, cigarette in hand.

23rd, May 2022, g:i AM

Biden unveils economic plan for countering China in Asia

President Joe Biden on Monday plans to unveil a long-sought economic plan for engaging a region coming increasingly under the influence of China, as he enters the second leg of his debut tour of Asia.

23rd, May 2022, g:i AM

Gold medallist doubts over 'made-up' stories

Olympic gold medallist Kyle Chalmers misses the Australian team announcement for June's swimming World Championships after recent "negative media attention" takes "a massive toll" on him.

23rd, May 2022, g:i AM

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