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David Hockney painting sells for $90M, smashing records

Money has never mattered that much to David Hockney, as long as he has enough to continue working. But equally, he's also always had a good memory for figures -- for the pounds, shillings and pence. As a student at London's Royal College of Art, he remembers selling a drawing to a friend and fellow student, the American painter Ron Kitaj, for a princely £5. It meant that he could buy cigarettes in packs of 20. He sold another early painting, "Adhesiveness" (1960), to photographer Cecil Beaton for £40. That meant he could begin planning to travel abroad.

16th, November 2018, 03:02pm

'Death knell' of press freedom in Hong Kong

Every day before work, Kevin Lau stopped for breakfast at a restaurant in Sai Wan Ho, a residential area in eastern Hong Kong. It was a routine as ingrained in him as brushing his teeth, and it nearly cost him his life.

16th, November 2018, 02:44pm

China's Xi starts goodwill tour of the Pacific

Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off a packed itinerary in Papua New Guinea Friday at the start of a tour which marks Beijing's latest diplomatic foray into a region once considered outside of China's sphere of influence.

16th, November 2018, 02:24pm

US to reduce number of troops in Africa

The Pentagon has approved a long-awaited plan to reduce the number of US troops conducting counterterrorism missions in Africa over the next three years, three US officials tell CNN.

16th, November 2018, 01:31pm

Brexit: What just happened?

Leila Nathoo looks at what's been going on in the last few days, and explains what it all means.

16th, November 2018, 01:31pm
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